Cage Free Boarding

Staffed 24/7 so your pup is never alone!

Pooches Playhouses specialty is providing top quality dog boarding for both short and long-term stays. An alternative to traditional dog kennels where dogs are typically caged for much of the day and night, Pooches Playhouse offers cage-free boarding to give your dog a comfortable, safe, and fun place to stay while you are away.


As opposed to pet sitting, where your pet may only get an hour or two of human attention each day, your dog will enjoy canine and human contact throughout their stay. We maintain overnight staff on site to ensure the safety of the pack at all hours.


Boarding dogs enjoy the same fun as pups in daycare but have special needs beyond those of our daily guests. Being away from their home and their humans often causes elevated stress levels; so we place an emphasis on keeping our boarding dogs comfortable and stress-free.


You can rest assured that your pooch will get lots of affection and attention during their stay at Pooches!

Boarding your dog? Know the difference.....

With so many options for boarding your dog with words like “luxury”, “spa-like”, “resort” and our new favorite confusing term “cage free”.

What cage free boarding actually is, here at Pooches Playhouse anyways.... We do not have a "boarding room" full of crates piled on top of each other. The dogs sleep in the smaller playroom. We have a bunch of beds we put down and the dogs are free to rest where they want. Our overnight attendant is in the same room as the dogs to watch over them and make sure everyone is comfortable. Our thought process always has been "If it were my dog what would I want for my dog while I am away?". Our dogs are not used to being in kennels, not used to sleeping in crates, or small confined areas alone - which can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for dogs who are already going to be away from their people for an extended period of time. We also don't have "suites". This is still a confined space where dogs are left alone. What this means is we probably take less dogs than other facilities and we may be more selective in the dogs we take and if they are new they need to try out daycare before we commit to a board. So, as we see more and more options for "cage free boarding" around, make sure to ask the question of what cage free boarding means at each facility.


Your pooch must be up to date with vaccinations for Rabies, Parvo, & Distemper. Proof of vaccinations is required. We accept titer testing in lieu of vaccinations. The Bordetella vaccine is optional for all pooches coming to play or stay. Please read our FAQ's for more information on kennel cough. We accept puppies after their 2nd set up puppy shots (about 12 weeks old). All pooches in daycare or staying overnight must be spayed or neutered by 6-8 months old.


1 dog

1 night $60(up to 24 hours)

1 night $70 (if over 24 hours)

2-9 nights $50/night

10+ nights $45/night

2 dogs (same owner same household)

1 night $110

2-9 nights $90/night

10+ nights $85/night

Why Choose Us?


  • Regular access to our fenced in yard reduces/eliminates potty accidents inside our facility, which keeps our high level of cleanliness possible

  • No kennel environment means less stress for the dogs

  • We are a medium sized facility; not too big, not too small, but just right! This allows us to personally know each pooch and provide quality care for all of our pet guests and their concerned owners!

  • We have an overnight attendant on site every night of the week, in the same room where the dogs sleep, to ensure they are never alone

  • Quality sleep is vital to the dog's psychological and physiological well-being. We shut down every night at 9pm and don't allow drop off or pick ups during this time because we don't want our overnight guests disturbed.

  • Each play area has its own HRV unit. The HRV expels stale indoor air to the outside, and draws in fresh air from outside to be distributed throughout the building

  • We offer TRUE cage free boarding. This means dogs are not confined to small "suites" overnight and are not placed in a room full of crates and left unattended overnight


What to bring:


  • Food for the entire stay

  • Collar and Leash

  • Crate, if needed

  • Favorite blanket

  • Medication (if applicable)


*Do not bring toys, bones, or bowls


We recommend bringing your dog in as early as possible on check in day. This gives your dog time to get comfortable in new surroundings as well as burn off some energy before bed time!


Drop off and pick up is available during our regular business hours only


*Appointment Required

**If you are new to Pooches Playhouse and would like a tour, we are more than happy to show you around. Tours are available evenings by appointment only. For questions regarding boarding your dog please call 204-942-7866.

A half day of daycare may be required prior to an extended stay in order to determine if an open concept environment will be appropriate for your dog***



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