An initial “evaluation day” of daycare is required before starting a regular daycare routine. A verbal report of your dog’s day will be given upon pickup, at which time additional daycare days can be purchased. Please call ahead so we can pick a good day and time to start. 

For boarding purposes, this evaluation will take place as a half or full day of daycare so that we can see your dog interact with the other dogs—and let them get comfortable in our environment and make sure Pooches is a good fit for them - we always like to make sure that the dogs know that when they are dropped off, they DO get picked up!!


Proof of vaccinations is required for Rabies, Parvo, & Distemper. We accept puppies when they have had their second set of booster shots (usually given at 10-12 weeks). The Bordetella vaccine (kennel cough) is optional. We accept titer tests in lieu of vaccinations.


Dogs must be spayed or neutered at 6-8 months old. We have a no aggression and no bite policy. All dogs must be friendly and social.


Please print out and complete the registration form. Bring it in on your first day along with current vaccination records. We will not take in any dogs without receiving the proper paperwork.

Facility tours available by appointment only


Registration Form

Kennel Cough Policy


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